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More about "Forever Costumed."

Your're probably wondering..."What is this Forever Costumed thing?" "What is this stuck forever in cheesy animal costumes stuff all about?"

Well it basically is about girls who put on a cheesy animal costume by choice and then discover they cannot get their body out of the costume no matter what they do. Furthermore, no matter what they try in the long term can free them of the costume. They are utterly and completely trapped in the costumes for the rest of their lives.

Now your probably wondering..."Well that's impossible." "How do they go to the bathroom?" "Why can't they cut the costumes off?" "Why cant all our worlds wonderful technology get the costumes off?" "Are they REALLY permanently trapped in the costumes?"

This idea does stretch the laws of physics and stretches reality a bit. You have to suspend disbelief to truly enjoy it. The "Forever Costumed" universe relies on several rules.
1. All of these cheesy costumes can never be tracked to where they were made.
2. All of the cheesy costumes are made of some kind of indestructable fabric.
3. The fabric is completely untearable in any way.
4. There is a way to use the bathroom, which does not require removal, but it's complicated will not be mentioned.
5. The zipper is the ONLY way out of the costume. It is made of permanent metal and once jammed can NEVER un-jam.
6. Medical technology and modern science has no idea what the materials are made of and have no idea how to defeat them to remove the costumes from the girls.
7. The girls are clean under the costumes. The fabric allows water and soap in and they can get clean by a somewhat longer than normal shower. Blow drying of the costume is a must to avoid stinky fabric. :)
8. Any kind of injury or sickness that can not be cured unless the suit is removed will not occur.
9. Body hair will continue to grow on the girls under the costume, theres nothing they can do about it! Stop whining, you'll never see it.
10. Something to do with the properties of the fabric is preventing fingernails and toenails from growing at all.
11. The costumes are so tight around the areas that have holes (ie the face) that no objects no matter how small can be slipped in or out of the costumes.
12. The costumes are completely unflammable and no type of corrosives or acids will have any effect on the costumes in any way.
13. Once the zipper jams the girl will NEVER be free of the costume again. She will be burried in it.

I don't mean to be a stickler to rules but I will get these questions in email so I am trying to answer them now. These rules may be added to. Now, assuming you like the idea of the stuck costumes, you might have a few questions to quell your curiousity of the finer points of stuck costumes..."Can they have sex, masterbate, or sexually pleasure themselves in any way?" "What does it feel like to be stuck in the costumes?" "What kind of things will we see these permanent animal costume girls do?"

Part of the fantasy that I like is that the costumes serve as chastity belts. They can't have sex and they cant masterbate. With furious rubbing they can feel a little bit of pleasure but the inside of the costumes are so slippery that they can never get enough friction to reach even a partial orgasm. Each girl will feel different about her cheesy animal costume prison. However most experience feelings of frustration and extreme annoyance. These girls will have to go on with their lives. Some of the fun stuff I am looking forward to drawing is them adapting to being in the costume 24/7. Also, most of the girls do not believe that the costumes are permanent. They will refuse to give up and costantly strive to escape the costumes.

If you have any other questions feel free to email me at

With all that said I would like to welcome you all to the world of "Forever Costumed" and hope ya stick around.

Meerkat. september 27, 2000.